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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 21, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> dana: name three favorite belgians? >> greg: waffles. >> bob: van gogh. >> dana: i think french fries are -- >> how many expenses would greg be fined under the same rules? >> andrea: wait, bob? >> eric: we to have go. thank you for watching "the welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. i told you not to eat the hot wax and only apply it. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, the obama administration changes its tune on what exactly happened in benghazi. but how about the romney video? look over there. and what are the u.s. secretary general's thoughts on freedom of speech. just about what you would expect from the corrupt organization. and -- all i know is a hero
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can be anyone. even a man doing something as reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy's shoulders to let them know the world hadn't ended. >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> that reminds me i want my wonder woman costumes back and dry-cleaned. >> that could be a problem. there is a saw metra cal perforation in it. >> a hole? >> it is silly to argue about terminology. right now you have a show to host and i have to get ready for half time. we'll talk about it later. >> all right. >> it will be fine. >> bye. let's welcome our guests. she is so hot that it is now illegal to yell harris faulkner in a crowded theater. she is here. she hosts on saturday and sundays on fox news channel. nice waive you have there, harris. and he is so sharp he sneezes shum tacks it is "maxim" magazine's editor-in-chief. and in canada he is considered
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a triscuit, bill schulz. and he recently landed the role of herman in the munsters reboot. sitting next to me, writer and comedian, jesse joyce. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> was it an error not to call it terror? the white house has finally used the t-word conceding the deadly attack in libya was not add -- ad libbed over the anti-islam video. jay carney told reporters, quote, it is self-evident that what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. our embassy was attacked and the result was four deaths of american officials. that is self-evident. for more than a week though the obama administration called it a spontaneous act with the top spokesperson on monday saying i don't think we know enough. i don't think we know enough.
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>> i don't think we know enough. i don't think we know enough. she gave our preliminary assessment. we will have a full investigation now, and then we will be in a better position to put labels on things. >> i like her voice. >> while the white house has shifted its view, they don't have evidence the attack was pre planned, but then again they didn't need evidence to blame the anti-islam advise yow they never saw -- the anti-islam video they saw, right? right? >> why wait so long to call it terrorism? what is the deal? why are we so scared to call terror, terror? >> you know, from a journalism perspective and you compare the sound byt es, it might be because there was no war on terror. and we are pulling out of places. we are leaving afghanistan and giving them dates, so on and so forth. that's a sober look at is it, but it is true. >> they are trying to move away from the word. >> here is the problem. if you want to say that protesters did this, first there were no protests leading
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up to this in benghazi. the other hinge is how often do protestor -- the other thing is how often do protesters have a hit on a high value enemy target? they carry signs. >> it is like these are not seal team six. maybe me are. maybe they are. jesse, much like it is self-evident you work part-time at the mall, wasn't it self-evident this was terrorism? >> first of all, i would like to address what ante said earlier. i didn't know they made wonder woman costumes in child sizes. and that being the case, you are never going to be able to take it to get a hole in the crotch fixed. >> thank you. >> wow. that's available information for me later. >> i don't know why you know that. >> i work in the mall. >> that's right, you do work in the mall. >> was this an admission of failure because they are now going back on everything they
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said, the administration. >> why can't it be premeditated and spontaneous? i know it can. i know how long you toil over new ways to say i work at hot topic. i know it takes you hours to come up with. but you never know what i am going to be wearing that particular day. so you have to spontaneously throw it out. >> you like to plan your spontaneity. you put it on a calendar. >> speaking of calendar, it happened on a specific date whereas i make fun of jesse constantly, and that happened on 9/11 which is -- i mean that's like saying oh look i got a birthday present on my birthday. what a coincidence. i went to a strip club. it was an accident that i had a lap dance. no it is not. that's where you go to have lap dances. speaking of, anyone with common sense unlike you would see what this was. >> this show? >> no, the question about terror. follow me you silly little man. >> well, the spontaneous
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thing, i don't know how many guys in libya walk away with grenade launchers in their bag just in case. you never know when you are going to need it, but i have never been to libya nor will i go. >> are you boycotting? >> that's right. right now. >> are you changing your plans? >> we had plans to go to libya disney and forget it. it is off the table. >> all i know about libya is when i have seen in back to the future, and all three of those dudes had rocket launchers. >> and that is why you work at the mall. >> but then again if our administration had watched back to the future they would have been better prepared than they are now. >> they have to watch fox news. and i want to quote this because i want to get this right. we did an alert where we had high alert -- breaking news a letter and intelligent sources convinced that they were directly tied to al-qaeda.
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we triple sourced this. i think they need to broaden their -- maybe the president can find somebody to watch fox news. he says he does president like to watch it -- he doesn't like to watch it. >> could this mistake be humanizing our administration? just a lovable mixed up group of people like welcome back carter? >> obama has his reasons. him watching would be like watching greg's intro of me on a loop. it is hurtful for awhile. and i am less interested in words than actions. and the terror attacks on american soil are next to nill. i looked up nill and that means nothing. we are a safer country exponentially than we we were four years ago. >> you could have just said exponentially. >> exponentially and prophetically, words with a lot of sill labelles. >> as long as obama kills terrorists it makes me feel good. he has killed a lot of them. >> they don't care what we say. they care what we do.
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most of the time we hit them instead of schools. >> maybe that is a silver lining. maybe he is hunting these terrorists and doesn't want to call them by nail because he wants to -- call them by name because he wants to sneak up on them. >> i want to move on. from attacks to defenses. at a press conference you and secretary general, is there any other kind was asked about the youtube video that has supposedly lead to riots. the response, a no holds bared freedom of expression. >> it is freedom of expression did should be and must be guaranteed and it was used for common justice and common purpose when some people use this freedom of expression to provoke or humiliate some
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others values and belief. then this could not be protected in such a way. >> i guess i should look at these thoughts before i describe them. that's not a defense at all. speaking of being misled, this week an actress from the film, that anti-islam film, filed a lawsuit against the alleged film maker saying he altered it after it was shot, changing it from an egyptian inventor to a muss slim screen. but the judge failed to have it removed from youtube. which begs the question, what if people could make movies where flying korans attacked rushdy with lasers.
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>> how that didn't win any tonies is beyond me. that is actually not a joke. that was a film depicting the killing of rushdy because he made satanic verses. i am uh -- i am offended by that movie. answer any question you want. >> i do anyway. it was made in 1990, 90. not 60. 1990. i really -- i think more than ever india and pakistan need to iron out their differences so india can share some of the developments in the fields of film making. >> this is true. you know what this -- this says something about the nature of that culture that
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you have balliwood that is an amazing industry, and you have that. >> right next door. >> i actually read that the audiences in pakistan were cheering at certain violent points when he was being killed. by the way, iran in response to the middle east anti-american protest this past week has now increased its bounty on his head by $500,000. >> dan, i want to talk about the secretary of general's stirring speech. did it move you? >> he is is a dye gnat mick speaker as we -- he is a dynamic speaker as we saw. i have to speak about the actress being duped. coming here i thought i was going to a taping of ricki lake. >> if you were duped it is only because bill looks exactly like the actress that was duped in the other film. >> it is my hair. >> these actors, did they not read the script? >> even more pornts -- i --
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even more important -- they dubbed over the script. dan, you were involved in television and film. you actually wrote a film called -- >> poultry-geist of the chicken." >> what is the excuse for being in a horrible film to begin with? she is upset with the subject matter. she would see while it was being filmed it was horrible. >> and she would have been terrible in any movie she was in. i'm sorry. >> we're gonna get a letter. one, but still a letter. >> and no return address. >> well, her acting skills could not convince the judge in america to pull it off of youtube. there you go. >> there are some things that should be pulled off youtube. >> your pants? >> how did you know. >> there is a shot of your pants on youtube? >> you told me you should show up on time. can i fire you for misleading
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me? >> if we refer back to the earlier story i saw no one argue with the fact that they are a closeted hawk. and all of the things in the closet, this opinion. the fact of the matter is you should never listen to somebody who sounds like a bad character in a star wars movie. and he is that person. he even talks like a "star wars" guy. if he is 2ing to stay anything he should pref -- preface it. >> when he was talking i had the urge to buy it. the u.n speech offended me, harris. why can't we ban that? >> you asked me the question, where is the u.n chief from? he is from south korea. if you examine their freedom of expression laws which they do have, you can be thrown in jail for three years for signing up on the north korea
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twitter page and having no comment. i don't know if he is in a position to speech to us -- >> that's the nature of the u.n. there are so many member there's that violate human rights and accuse us of being human rights violators. you can see them on their board. they have iran and jerks like that. i am used to that huh poke craw see. apparently it is lighting up the conversation. >> are they sleeping at this hour? maybe they are now. >> has the tip jargon too far? has gratuity become gratuitous? the average new yorker is getting more tips and more money. the paper, quote, those an lig for a handout are grocery baggers, dry-cleaners and hardware clerks. places like restaurants suggested gratuities can run 25 to 30%. one dude tells the post, quote, sometimes i feel like i am going through lifelike
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robert deniro going to the nightclub in good fellows tipping them right and left just for smiling at me. deniro was not n "good fellows" that was al paw chino. now to gary winchester. >> that is delightful. is there a tip jar at the orange julius where you work? >> no, sadly there isn't. >> i don't think people appreciate it.
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i feel like waiters and waitresses are the group of people. the terminology they use, it is something -- i bet if we went to the applebys there would be a waitress sitting there going, sorry, gus, this gentleman was upset this table wasn't ready so he took a dump on the bar. >> do you mean the gentleman in the wife beater and the sweatpants who is giving me the finger and pressing his [bleep] against the window? >> what goes on at orange julius. >> that was appleby's. the problem i have -- i am happy to tip. i don't like when they come up to me and ask if i am still working on it. i don't work on food. i work it out later. if you know what i mean. >> do you tip? >> i do of -- i do, all the time. and then that quote it was ray leota that was handing out the tips.
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but the one thing i can't stand is the guys in the men's room. they want a dollar because i just peaked. >> i thought you -- because i just peed. >> i am so uncomfortable. joy 25%, is that -- >> 25% is that the new 20%? >> if i am giving you 25% of my bill, you better be giving me something other than food. that's a lot of money. >> it is, especially in this day and age. do the private dances you do for rich, older men at their homes, do they tip well? >> not only do they not tip, but when i am done i notice they have stolen my wallet. it is a double whammy. i am the one dancing and working my papoos off. >> fool me once, shame on you. >> they steel my wallet every time i give uh lap dance, what's my problem? it has gotten so bad in new york. i live near a bunch of hotels,
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and i will get a cab that a hotel guy has opened the cab door for because there are other people that may or may not be waiting. the guy riel literally -- will literally sign for the fact that he wants a dollar because he held the door for me, and then looks offended if i just give him a dollar. >> i didn't know you are supposed to tip them. >> i don't think you have to. they held the door. >> anybody who gets you a cab in new york, you get a tip. you deserve a tip if you don'ts write stuff down. if you get me a drink or ask for a drink while i am halfway done with a drink, i love you. i hate people who wait until you are at the end of your drink. that means the time it takes for for -- i have to wait without a drink. if you see it is right here, then that means i am okay. take your time. >> i am not going to pass a judgment, but that's an alcoholic. i know from experience. >> maybe you can tip them extra if they give you a
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straw. >> the reason they do that is they don't notice the 25% is already included on the tip and you double up. >> i will need something more than the beverage or the food. >> good to know. >> are hennah tattoo permanent? they talk about it before the limp bizkit reunion. and why did amanda bines get kicked out of spin class?
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a flight headed from new york to dc when two female flight attendants got into a tiff. the squabble started when the plane was rolling away from the gate. it got so heated that the
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cockpit crew decided to turn the aircraft around. they had to wait several hours while the airline foundry placements. they couldn't work with each other for an hour. i find it hard believing in love , but you don't hear me complaining. let's discuss in -- >> lightning roooooouuunnnndd. lightning round. >> harris, i sympathize with flight attendants because airlines is the only place you must stifle workplace anst. say you are in an elevator for eight hours with a co-worker you don't like. >> when would that happen, actually? no, i think -- you know what i think this might be, and i don't know, but american airlines announced it will layoff some 11,000 people this past week. maybe it is a shell game. look at this over here. two flight attendants are -- cat fight. don't pay any attention to those layoffs we just uh knownsed. -- i just announced.
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i don't know. >> what do you think it was about? a tall comedian who quoted lyrics of linkin park? >> maybe it was dumb girl [bleep]. >> hey! on behalf of girls everywhere -- >> let me handle it. on behalf of dumb girls everywhere. >> i think everyone on board must have been, no, let them fight. >> pass out drinks. >> i think have you been at "maxim" too long. i don't think it would be as sexy as you think. >> let's watch a rerun of "according to jim." >> i don't know. >> the only thing of "according to jim" the title is vaguely biblical, but proof of the show is there is no god. >> you don't like the fact that he is messy and his wife is clean? >> i just have to say one thing, you had the "according to jim" joke in your head for years. you were like sitting here
3:25 am
while we were talking and when he said "according to jim" you were like, oh my god. >> this from a guy who put spontaneity on the board. >> you saw the opportunity. >> are you a terrorist, you monster. >> bill, you dated a flight attendant for a year. >> wow. >> did he ever talk about or replace arguments. >> we stopped dating when he jumped down the slide with a beer in his hand. >> that was a great book. bill, answer the question before we move on. >> i don't think we are allowed to call them in the industry. i know what an industry is and airlines are not that. i don't know what they are. but every single one is a travis stey -- travisty. >> i saw what you wrote down. they are arguing over a joke. we have to take a break. >> still working? >> where did still working
3:26 am
come from? i don't understand still working. who works on their food? i don't know where it came from. it came from a manual from friday's. you approach them and ask if they are still working on it. >> because if they are unemployed and hanging out at friday's they say are you still working and you say, yes, i am working. >> why not try that joke? >> maybe a little spontaneity in the future. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. i thought that was funny when i was thinking about it, and i tried out "you hurt me." do you have video of your animal doing something bore ?g go go to fox eye. we might use it and we might not. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. >> tonight is sponsored by train. the groups of railroad cars pulled by one or more loco motives. thanks, train.
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let's see if we got anything wrong so far. hi, andy. >> hi, greg. how are you? >> i'm great, how are you? >> who cares? benghazi was a terrorist attack. let me play devil's advocate for a second. it was self-evident benghazi
3:31 am
was a terrorist attack may not signify the change, and as people were killed, duh, that was a terrorist attack. >> but he denied that earlier. >> they didn't deny it was a terrorist attack. they just said the whole thing was spontaneous which looks like a load of crap. >> what you are saying is what jessed earlier that it can be -- what jesse said earlier is that it can be both. >> it can be spontaneous and a terrorist attack. >> all right. >> and involve jim bough lieu she. >> that's a different story. >> i made that joke earlier on "the five" and it didn't go over well. >> you keep saying this show. >> a show with good ratings in the afternoon. it is a show. it replaced glen beck. >> and it should be noted that "you cording to jim -- that" according to jim did well in
3:32 am
the ratings." >> according to who. >> according to nielsen. >> "the five" is how many apples high? >> wow, all of that. >> nicely done. >> that was spontaneous. >> no, he had that joke ready. >> no, i didn't. >> hard to tell the difference, isn't it? >> harris, you said the administration used to watch fox news. >> they do. >> we have -- of course they do. but you said because the intelligent sources are directly linked to al-qaeda. >> and that it was pre planned. >> exactly. >> but that is not proof yet, right? >> no. i said reports according to sources. >> if are you going to report that you are collecting ideas, maybe collect a few packs. >> fair enough. i just don't think the president -- they can't go airbeds saying we know it was -- go around saying we know it was al-qaeda. he has to say we don't know if it is al-qaeda yet, right? >> okay.
3:33 am
but they can say they have heard it reported. >> are you being an ambudskill. >> he is being an ambudsgirl. >> speaking with jesse, i don't believe i said the saw metra cal perforation was in the crotch. don't know why you would assume that. >> where would it be? >> various different places ssments -- place assessment. >> while i was doing some reverse curls. >> it was a hole and you skirted the, oh, get out of here. >> well, we had to start the show, jesse. we are on a timetable. this is not like your chuckle hut. we have to move things along. >> i don't want to bud the ambudsman, but wonder woman had that arms. >> you are wrong. there are alternate costumes
3:34 am
with arms. this was one of them. >> how does he know that? >> the wonder woman spin stopped right here. >> the only seem in a wonder woman costumes would be in the crotch. >> how do you know this? i am the only one that would wear one. >> this is a question we cannot answer. >> we might edit. >> not because we don't know the answer. we just can't say it. >> you like that. i am going to don the boots and everything. with the lass sew. >> i have a neck, lasso me. >> not that kind of a show. >> you pointed out in that clip we showed, it is a real movie. it is called international gorillas. the board said we can't play this because he may have a criminal libel case against it. and then he himself said, no,
3:35 am
i want this film to be shown. i promise not to sue, and then they allowed it to be shown. >> i am not a big fan, but i will give him props. i hate that word. just saying that word makes me want to throw up. >> by the way the actor was fantastic in "temple of doom." >> it was in his talking point. >> pulling back the curtain. >> dan, you said that much like the actress in "innocence of muslims" you were duped into coming on this show? not as much as we were, dan. >> yes, no. >> what does he really want to
3:36 am
say? >> take your medicine, andy. take your medicine. >> harris, you mentioned that the judge ruled the film shouldn't be pulled off youtube. >> he issued that ruling for two reasons, one the actress could not talk about the agreement with the film maker. she didn't rule on the merits. it was more of an i can't print -- >> are you her new attorney? i heard she was shopping. >> whatever the truth is it is up on youtube and the judge ruled not to have it taken down. >> are we arguing? i love you. are we married? >> i don't argue. 25% tips. did you say deniro was not in "good fellows." i think you are thinking james kahn in apocalypse now? >> you are confused. apocalypse now had charlie sheen and michael j fox.
3:37 am
james kahn was in "the sting" with chris kris stove fer son -- kristopherson and that's where i will stop. >> greg, great question to dan on this story, do you tip? >> i lost track of what i was going to ask him, but, yes, sure. >> answer the question. >> it is too late. >> that comment right there, that question was great. i don't know, it just felt a little fuzzy. >> what? >> we all got brow beaten, and he got love. >> he was being sarcastic. >> greg, you don't like servers who don't write down orders. which is fine. you said i think that is wrong. this is where you are making your moral stand? >> yes. i make moral [stances|instances] on everything. >> if they get the order right is it still wrong if they
3:38 am
didn't write it down? >> yes, i have to go through the mental anxiety on whether they will get it wrong for the next 20 minutes. i said no sunflower seeds on my chef salad. i saw she didn't write it down. you watch it and they didn't write it down. you say those sunflower seeds are going to end up in my chef salad. by the way, it is a euphemism. >> so you think it will be like xanax for you? >> yes. >> i don't think that is in the job description. >> what are you talking about? it reduces anxiety and relaxes you and makes you feel at home. >> you have issues that is taken up by maybe taking a trip to vienna and seeing some specialists. >> i did that last year and you know what happened -- >> not that kind of specialist, greg. >> but anyway, my point is, if the waiter wants a big tip, he has to make me feel good.
3:39 am
>> i am going to leave now. >> you are not going to talk about anything else? didn't we do other stories? >> i don't know. >> we did. we shocked him. >> troubled or something? something bothering you? >> no, giants game is on. i want to watch. >> which giants game? >> the new york giants. >> the san francisco giants are about -- >> don't care. >> three, two weeks from winning the -- >> do not care about baseball anymore. >> why should you? you have a terrible team. >> i absolutely do. >> pathetic. >> you can do this off the air, you know. >> we don't have the time though. we don't have the time these days. are you hip hop and want to stop? jesse joyce discusses his new book, "why you buggi n" and more from bill schulz in part two of a report that didn't need part one. >> and then i am wearing old vintage boots. >> i like the boots. do you ride horses? >> i do. i am from colorado. >> my nickname is horse.
3:40 am
just throwing that out there.
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fashion week is sheik. new york's most sexy seven days came to an end last friday, but not before informing which styles are trending and which models are gender bending. we sent the channel's most fashion forward freak to lincoln center. do you know where that is? it is to determine what is in and what is out and what shakes us all about. spoiler alert, it is the hokey pokey. >> sessssssssiiiiiioooon fashion. what does trendy mean? >> mom jeans.
3:44 am
they are only for mothers. >> dad jeans. >> baby jeans. >> baby jeans. >> only for babies. >> cat jeans. >> cats and maybe the right girl. >> did you ever see a cat without good legs? expwhrie guy -- skinny jeans. >> yes, as lonas you have the bright shoes. you can wear flats if you are smaller and boots if you are bigger. they will always be in. >> mental note. i will purchase some skinny jeans. the problem is i have a. >> nor muss package. a gynormous package. >> what if it says baby on bored. mini fedoras. >> on cats. >> mini pho doras on gangsters. >> duh. >> adorable. >> whatever you want midge jet gangster. you can take my money. they sleep with not fishes, but minnows. >> platform shoes ? >> yes. >> they are still big? >> they are. >> platform shoes with goldfish in them, ie, i am gonna get you sucka.
3:45 am
>> that will work. >> i don't think peta will like. it f-peta. i'm just kidding. last year i was able to get the red eye viewers back back stage. this year we are back, back, back stage. as you can see that is the trailer in front of the stage. over here, this is where models go right before they put their clothing on. if you don't want to go thereafter you put your clothing on stained. over here is the dead puppy room. this is where models go and think about depressing things so they look appropriate lima rose on the stage. appropriately marose on the stage. that's where the male model lives. >> who are you wear ?g. >> who are you wearing? >> that's my own make up. >> oh you did this yourself? >> for many, many years. >> i am impressed. >> where are you from? >> i am from a show called "red eye" with greg gutfeld.
3:46 am
we are working on a new title called bill schulz with an exclamation point. >> i contracted hasfelt. >> how about yourself? >> i don't know. >> more like jc dollar. you look amazing. >> cod pieces. >> what is a cod piece? >> a midevil device that is protective and goes around the crotch area. >> you need one of those? you have a giant package. >> she remembers. they are a great group in the mid80s. >> i don't know. >> let me jog major memory,. ♪ word up ♪ everybody say ♪ when you hear the call ♪ you have to get it underway ♪ >> another year and another fashion week. what did we learn? this guy is in. what is out? me on the town with that guy.
3:47 am
i will work my magic. >> did you do this m-o-s on the set of "i am ledge end" because there was nobody there. >> i was told that there were events going on. they were just regular passersby. >> i seriously believe you did not go to fashion week, and you did this this morning. fashion weekended last week. >> i was wearing a different shirt, greg so there is no way that could have happened. >> that was not fashion week. by the way, can we point out the word vintage is a scam. it means old. we don't call old people vintage. why do we call our clothes vintage? >> i get sick if i have vintage food. i had mashed potato hads -- potatoes that were vintage and i was sick. >> we don't call old people vintage because they are
3:48 am
[bleep] >> that's terrible. >> will they bleep that? >> sometimes i just say explatives just to make you write stuff down. >> i know you do. because i have a malfunctioning hand and it is painful. >> just keep writing destroy bill, destroy bill, destroy bill. >> jesse's sweatshirt is so vintage you can see a pizza stain from college. >> that is true. >> you were a model for skater dudes pushing 40, right? great magazine. i have to say, nothing else really. >> i think you actually think i am near 40. i am not even close. i just smoke a lot of cigarettes of the. >> how old are you? >> 33. >> wow. >> and are you still -- >> i like people's reaction. >> wow i must look terrible. >> tall people look older. short people like me look younger because we are so infant like.
3:49 am
sometimes i am walking down the street and they say, oh, where is your mommy? >> and that's why they are [bleep]. >> i say, i am lost. they will take me back and i rob them. >> i rob them. >> i take everything from them. everything! >> it is time for a break. don't leave now. there is more stuff to talk about.
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amanda bines continues to unraffle like something that unraffles. the actress was kicked out of a spin class when she removed her top and sat on the stationary bike applying make up in a tiny black strap less push up bra. bines tells people she is, quote, doing amazing and moving to new york to launch a fashion line. jesse, she sounds like a barrel of laughs. i hate spin class. i guess i hate you. that's all i have. >> all right. >> no, no, no.
3:54 am
you were kicked out of spin class for wearing a trench coat. >> yes, i was. that's true. i thought i could get away with it. >> he wore it and couldn't cycle under under i'm. under him. >> it was the same thing in the green room with our make up being put on. >> why is he smuggling a broom? >> i have like a minute left. harris, does she need help? >> i do the same thing when i go to spin class. it is hard. >> it is hard. and those people are so serious in spin class. they look so grim like, oh, this is an actual sport. no, it is nothing. >> it is hard. >> hook it up to a generator and make electricity, jerks. >> ouch. i didn't invent it. >> according to the source i have -- >> at lyse she was on a -- at least she was on a stationary
3:55 am
vehicle when she was drunk. >> bill, what can we expect from her new fashion line? >> nothing but the world for her when she gets her proper meds. i am also expecting an apology for making fun of her mental illness. you sir are a pig. >> he is a pig. i just want to know what her parents think about all of this? >> it is something to ponder in this next break. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. he is our amanda bines. go to fox fox eye. there is me without a jacket.
3:56 am
3:57 am
3:58 am
catch me on the five tomorrow and catch me on the new selling meant -- on the new segment with "the oreilly factor." >> what is going on at
3:59 am
"maxim." >> we have a beautiful cover, hottest women in tv. >> we have a special thing you downloaded and she starts dancing. >> good to see you breaking new ground. >> it is on paper, greg. >> i worked there. it is a great place. >> when you are not anchoring fox report, what do you get up to? >> i am a motivational speaker. did you know stressed backwards is desserts. what ever you are going through, turn it around into a sweet blessing for somebody else. do something for somebody for nothing in return. >> when i am stressed i eat a lot of dessert. >> jesse, are you going to be at johnny fever's house of laughs? >> no, i am not. i am certainly not. i will be at the respectable nut street comedy club this friday and saturday. it is on nut street,


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